– that shows all public displays of display fireworks throughout the state of Washington during the Independence Day Celebration Season. Today, consumer fireworks are legal for purchase in 46 states and Washington, DC. It's a big business in Texas, and fireworks are legal in the state of Texas with some stipulations and provisos that need mentioning. Here are more details about using fireworks safely and responsibly: Use only approved, legal fireworks from reliable Washington State and King County Fire Marshal-licensed retailers. The Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office is asking people to be safe and responsible with fireworks. One reason why is because different states have different laws regarding fireworks, especially in which fireworks are available to consumers (as opposed to professionals, such as the ones who mastermind those big displays for the public). You must be at least 16 years old, with photo identification, to purchase fireworks. Forty-six states plus Washington, D.C. allow consumer fireworks in some form but, again, exactly what that form is varies between states. See all the laws here. For example, Indiana has relatively lenient laws … Fireworks can be sold starting on June 28, 2019, in Washington, but many local cities have outright bans. Be safe when fireworks are being lit; Be responsible after fireworks are done . According to Gray-Reed Attorneys at Law, most fireworks … All-access digital subscription Connect to local news for just $4.99 a month for 12 months. (b) Sell the forfeited fireworks and chemicals used to make fireworks, that are legal for use and possession under this chapter, to wholesalers or manufacturers, authorized to possess and use such fireworks or chemicals under a license issued by the chief of the Washington state patrol, through the director of fire protection. Washington State: Washington State Fireworks Law governs the regulation of fireworks, including what fireworks are legal, licensing for public fireworks displays and for fireworks sellers, and when fireworks may be discharged.

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