Read More Inspire your inbox – Sign up for daily fun facts about this day in history, updates, and special offers. White Pine Blister Rust, also botanically referred to as Cronartium ribicola, is a fungus growth that is known to damage the White Pine. White pine (Pinus strobus) grows rather quickly to a mature height anywhere from 90-to-200 feet with a rounded canopy of branches and needles that can become irregular or flat-topped with age. […] White Pines are so named because of the color of their wood. Pinus albicaulis, known by the common names whitebark pine, white pine, pitch pine, scrub pine, and creeping pine, is a conifer tree native to the mountains of the western United States and Canada, specifically subalpine areas of the Sierra Nevada, Cascade Range, Pacific Coast Ranges, and Rocky Mountains from Wyoming northwards. Western White Pine The Pine Family–Pinaceae Pinus monticola Douglas ex D. Don (PIE-nus mon-tih-KOE-luh) Names: Western White Pine is a 5-needled, soft pine or white pine. Monticola means “mountain dweller.” Relationships: There are about 115 species of pines worldwide, 35 in North America. California mountain pine, mountain white pine, Idaho white pine, or silver pine. Western white pine (Pinus monticola) is a large tree, regularly growing to 30–50 metres (98–164 ft) and exceptionally up to 70 metres (230 ft) tall.It is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobus, and like all members of that group, the leaves ('needles') are in fascicles (bundles) of five, with a deciduous sheath. Western White Pine is found in drier parts of Vancouver Island, southern mainland coast, wetter areas in the southern Interior Western White Pine usually appears in lower elevations The western white pine (P. monticola) grows in the mountains of the northwestern United States and British Columbia, has light brown wood, and is extensively cut for lumber. western white pine Protected as a Cactus, Yucca, or Christmas tree Wetland Status Interpreting Wetland Status North America Arid West FACU Western Mountains, Valleys, and … White Pine Blister Rust exposes the pine tree to a mortality rate between 50 and 80%. Identification of the Western White Pine Leaf: Acicular, 2 to 4 inches long, fascicles of 5, blue-green with white lines of stomatal bloom on two of the three needle surfaces, persist 3 to 4 … The gray-green needles are typically borne in clusters of five. Western white pine has a unique value due to the non-resinous property of the wood and the fact that the branches are high up on the trunk, allowing for more wood to be harvested.

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