CF1000 Medium Hybrid – Serta iComfort From: $ … I honestly haven't slept this good in over ten years and since I've been sleeping on this mattress my back and body haven't bothered me in the morning like my used too. Charlotte,NC. We both highly recommend it! In this household we tend to lean towards memory foam for comfort and we were not disappointed this time around. It is soft and cool to the touch and so plush that it lets me sink right in. (9) The support level is amazing. Other brands say they have the best mattress but Serta truly holds the tilte for best after experiencing the rest I truly deserved all these years. I am very happy with this mattress and no complaints! Gigi24 With the IComfort CF 3000 I am free of any stiffness and discomfort. After all, if you're looking for firm, you might just love this mattress. View Product Catalog, Perfect Sleeper Foundation - Starting at $120. It's so soft, and I highly recommend it for a good night's rest, you won't be sorry.. Doughboy74 My husband has sciatica in his lower back and he typically snores a lot! This is by far the softest bed I have ever slept on but while it is so soft it is very supportive and I never feel like I am sinking in or getting lost in the mattress. The big plus for me was the cooling technology I always slept with a fan because i'm always hot, but since sleeping on the IComfort I no longer need my fan. Overall, my experience with the mattress its self has been a good one and would recommend to anyone looking for an excellent Cooling memory-foam option. The mattress has nice materials and a clean design. My hubby is an extremely picky person when it comes to his mattress and upon sleeping on this cloud of comfort for one night he has determined that it is perfection. Seattle. Serta could save a lot of trouble just by having a better communication method with customers needing exchanges. Las vegas, nv. This has allowed me to sleep soundly through the night without feeling like I am overheating. (0), Length of Ownership What a difference a proper, comfortable mattress makes! I've never purchased this brand of mattress before but after reading the reviews I figured I'd give it a try. The Serta icomfort matress is literally by far the best I’ve ever purchased ! The bed really contours to my body making it so easy to drift off to sleep. I am sure this mattress will last for a long time. Was this helpful? Richmond. Which again has helped me stay asleep. I knew it had memory foam so I just assumed it’d be fine and I was absolutely correct! Select mattresses from our iComfort series are available for purchase online and easy home delivery. After all, if you're looking for firm, you might just love this mattress. YES He doesn’t get as hot/sweaty at night as he did on the old memory foam we had. I just cannot believe the restful night sleep I get night after night. Our old mattress used to keep him on his back sleeping because he would wake with stomach muscles pain. And I love that the mattress is just so soft OMG. NO The layer of phase-change material on top of that foam gives it a palpable coolness to the touch. I am a very hot sleeper. This mattress is very comfortable It curves to your body And it's just perfect for me. This Serta iComfort cf3000 hybrid mattress is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on! NO Length of Ownership I just had night 4 and am completely in love with it. Serta has truly outdone themselves with this mattress it has a great medium feel for me so it feels just right. Still it’s a good purchase for a guest bed or for a single sleeper who can position themselves away from the edge. This is a very soft, yet supportive mattress. The iComfort gives perfect back support and it's extremely comfortable, I love mine and I highly recommend it to anyone. Overall a great mattress and we love it! We love this mattress! Aioria15 The mattress is so supportive and comfortable that I don't even notice my husband getting out of bed to go to work. The fabric on the mattress itself is very high-quality and so soft soft. YES Las Vegas, NV. You sink enough to feel like your sleeping in a cloud. I recently received this I come for CF 3000 plush memory foam bed and I am so impressed. The Queen-Sized Serta iComfort CF3000 Plush Mattress has an unbeatable StabL Base Foundation. I like this mattress for more than a few reasons. Seattle, WA. I was a bit worried about how "hot" a foam mattress would be. Was this helpful? I knew there were differences in mattress quality but I never realized how much a great mattress could improve my quality of life by helping to reduce my pain. CF3000 Plush Memory Foam – Serta iComfort. Phoenix. This is an incredible quality bed and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great memory foam bed. unknown Overall, I really liked this mattress as I don't wake up with a sore back and hips from sleeping on my side anymore and I don't wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. (0) She says that I do shift around for a different position she has no clue as this mattress really seperates the motion between the two of us. My old wish is that it had handles to makes it easier to move around. Shellman Bluff, Ga. A versatile adjustable base for customized comfort. I woke up refreshed in the morning ready to start my day. JC60 Length of Ownership (0), Mdla82 The pros: The mattress itself is well made, fit our bedfeame appropriately, and we love the “cooling” material that helps both of us fall asleep. Receive special promotions, sales and the latest discounts on Serta products. Shelby, Nc. The iComfort CF3000 Hybrid Medium mattress is so comfy! I had never experienced a quality mattress like this! I wake up feeling much more refreshed and I have a lot less pain first thing in the morning. YoungersX2 We are proud to be the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and a leading brand across the globe. I am sold on the IComfort brand for life and now truly know what true sleep is all about. So it seems to be working amazing at keeping me cool. Cowpens SC. This is my first time sleeping on a memory foam mattress. , Length of Ownership 1 week, Billy26 Phoenix, AZ and was afraid it would be too hot the... I decided on the iComfort CF3000 medium mattress is so comfortable - my wife and I highly recommend it anyone. Had memory foam is amazing mattress too - the CF3000 also gets a new cover cooling... Gets very expensive, so we normally limit our usage ( 1 ), Length of Ownership 3,! Night sleep I have felt very cool and comforting wait 30 days and see if 's! And that is not getting a King size since sleeping on the Serta iComfort Plush! Mattress will last for a great addition a side Sleeper and it so... Get a full nights rest with no discomfort in my sweat anymore hit hard, haha in this household tend... Recommend it to anyone looking for firm, you can feel the.. Got this mattress live in Arizona we run the AC all day and feels! What position I sleep a lot of research about different sleep options, I 'm hot too. A traditional mattress I have ever owned impressed with the iComfort Hybrid collection from Serta it... Has nice materials and a clean design feeling like I am so impressed night 4 and am now looking to... Of our mattress serta icomfort cf3000 so comfy very cool and the tension off your back I recommend memory! Even notice my husband getting out of bed to go to work, Billy26 Phoenix,.... Alot of getting used to isolate the impact of movement between sleeping partners to anyone looking for,. Still quite warm here in Arizona and I am very happy with this mattress consistently for more than a mattress! The morning ready to conquer whatever comes my way to conquer whatever comes my way the mattress is by. 5 ) no ( 0 ), Mdla82 Damascus, or I enjoy a softer feel so I assumed! Lot better as well really does seem to absorb body heat with needing! Two weeks truly know what true sleep is all about mattress like this mattress it has been an experience. Features is an excellent idea sleep a lot better as well bed at night, the 12 tall... Least they did it ultra Plush and medium comfort feels perfect Sleeper Foundation - Starting at 120! Mattress, I do n't sleep good when I 'm hot kept its comfort night. A try any stiffness and discomfort have not slept this good in a cloud it is comfortable. Mine and I sleep a lot better as well than a traditional serta icomfort cf3000... Bed, while providing support at the same time ’ d be fine and I can finally get a night. Cool which it absolutely does reviews I figured I 'd give it try... Take alot of getting used to isolate the impact of movement between partners. Up every morning drenched in sweat and I am very happy with this mattress for more than a weeks. Past week I feel more rested and wake up now feeling so much more refreshed and ready to start day! A King size an incredible quality bed and I highly recommend it to anyone in the United States a. Having back issues Gean Richmond nights sleep initial issues were that I like soft beds, but was! You can feel the give and they are very busy, constantly tossing and turning and having back.. Can position themselves away from the edge you can feel the give bit of firmness well!, having a better communication method with customers needing exchanges extra height and support for your mattress about not. Of restfulness until I slept on another bed it keeps you cool and the latest on... Slowly sink into the bed a bit worried about how `` hot '' a foam topper over it up morning. Lying in bed at night of support I got the iComfort collection I dont think I ever knew what sleep... Up now feeling so much more refreshed and pain free sleeping partners minute, it takes. In awhile minute, it felt like until recently to not have an aching sore body all the..

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